Meet at your local Starbucks & pay by the minute

Simply slide your fingers across the map to see who is available near you and request a session. You can check the tutor's rating and watch their video intro (helps you to get a better impression of the tutor) before requesting a session. After your request is accepted, your tutor will arrive at your chosen location within 30 minutes.

Chami offers a unique 'pay as you learn' system for language tuition. With an average rate of 30p per minute, it’s completely flexible and puts you in full control, no strings attached. If you are not happy with the tutor, simply end the session and find another one in minutes. 



Be free to work to your own availability

Whether you are an experienced tutor, someone who has just completed a TESOL course or lucky enough to speak a rare language, you can register to become a Chami tutor!

Simply download the app, register (this includes completing a quick direct debit declaration form to receive your precious earnings) and the Chami team will be in touch. Once you are up and running, you can receive tuition requests from learners near you. Simple!

You can set your own competitive fee up to £50 an hour, though if you are new to the game we suggest starting a little lower. After each session, Chami will take the payment automatically from your learner and you will receive the money in your account in weekly payments.